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Thyssen-Humboldt Short-Term Fellowship


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is very interested in strengthening academic cooperations with Latin America in the social sciences. To better reach the academic elites of Latin America we are offering the following programme - in cooperation with the Fritz Thyssen Foundation:

Thyssen-Humboldt Short-Term Fellowship for social scientists from Latin America

Scientists and scholars from Latin America are given the opportunity to carry out a research project of their own choice in Germany. The research work in Germany should have a duration of six months altogether. This time should be divided up into two visits taking place between December and March.

Once a year during this period a joint meeting on interdisciplinary exchange will be held for all the fellows and their scientific hosts to facilitate academic and regional networking.

Scientists and scholars who have already been sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation cannot apply to this programme; instead they may submit applications for renewed research stays in the context of the alumni programme of the Humboldt Foundation.

Applications for sponsorship in 2010/2011 must reach the Humboldt Foundation by

30 April 2009 at the latest. Further information concerning the Latin America programme can be found at:


Should you have any questions or wish further information please contact the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at: info@avh.de

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